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The mission of the Québec Interprofessional Council (Conseil interprofessionnel du Québec – CIQ) is to represent the collective voice of the orders on issues of common concern and act as an advisory body to the government. The CIQ , as an association of professional orders, is dedicated to the promotion and the valorization of the professional system based on the values uniting the orders and the public interest.

To fulfill its mission to the professional orders, the Québec Interprofessional Council (Conseil interprofessionnel du Québec – CIQ) provides them with opportunities for discussion and mutual aid, and mobilizes members to reflect and act on issues that concern and affect the professional system. It groups together representatives of the professional orders, and when necessary, brings in experts to sit on committees, working groups, and forums. The CIQ provides the professional orders with a variety of training activities and opportunities for reflection with a view to helping them improve their services and enhance the protection of the public.

To fulfill its role as advisory body to the government, the Québec Interprofessional Council works mainly with the Office des professions du Québec and the Minister responsible for the application of professional laws, who is usually also the Minister of Justice du Québec. The CIQ may be asked to give its opinion on:

  • draft bills and regulations regarding the professional system
  • the appointment of particular officials and members of the Office des professions du Québec
  • the appointment of directors to the orders’ boards of directors who are not members of the order in question
  • contributions to the funding of the Office des professions du Québec
  • budget estimates of the Office des professions du Québec
  • the creation of a new order or integration of a group of professionals into an existing order


The Québec Interprofessional Council may also, on its own initiative and after consulting its members, initiate other actions. It issues opinions on different governmental and legislative matters related to the goals, consistency and effectiveness of the professional system. The Council takes part in discussions concerning important issues for Québec society from a public interest perspective.

Last, the CIQ provides information to the media and the public concerning the professional system and its added value for the population of Québec. It distributes documents and studies to the public concerning the regulated professions, the operations of a professional order, and any other topic related to the professional system.