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Founded in 1965, the Québec Interprofessional Council was originally a voluntary association of 15 professional corporations, now known as “professional orders.”

With the passage of the Professional Code, the law governing all regulated professions in Québec, the CIQ was given the mandate of grouping together all of Québec’s professional orders and, with the Office des professions du Québec, serving as an advisory body to the government.

Since then, the CIQ has acted as the collective voice of the professional orders of Québec. It is a forum for discussion on issues concerning the professional system as a whole. It is also a resource for the general public, future professionals, and professionals trained abroad who wish to practise their profession in Québec.

Since the Professional Code came into effect in 1973, the CIQ’s operations and activities have been funded by a compulsory contribution from members, which is an overall amount set by members every year. The CIQ organizes many activities, including training sessions and seminars, based on the principle of self-financing. The CIQ receives no funding from the government of Québec, to which it nevertheless accounts in an annual activity report and financial statement. The annual report is tabled at Québec’s National Assembly.