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Mérite du CIQ

Created in 1990, the Mérite du CIQ prize is awarded on the recommendation of a professional order to highlight the career of one of its members who has distinguished themselves through their contribution to the profession and its order. All 46 professional orders can, if they so choose, and on condition that the nomination is approved by the Québec Interprofessional Council (Conseil interprofessionnel du Québec – CIQ), award the Mérite du CIQ each year.

The object symbolizing the Mérite du CIQ is a bronze medal.
Since 2002, La Personnelle, assurance générales, has served as official sponsor of the Québec Interprofessional Council for the production and awarding of the Prix du CIQ and Mérite du CIQ prizes.

Until this day, in 2015, the following professionals were honoured:
Nicole ARCHAMBAULT MORENO, Speech Therapist and Audiologist
Josée BEAUSÉJOUR, Guidance Counsellor
Mona BERGEVIN, Optométrist
Sylvain BIRON, Professional Technologist
Céline DUFOUR, Midwife
Sylvie JANELLE, Occupational Therapist
Serge JEAN ALEX, Chimist
Claude LAFONTAINE, Pharmacist
Diane MÉTAYER, Psychoeducator
Pascal MONTPETIT, Bailiff
Pierre PAQUIN, Chiropractor
Lise PAYANT, Dentist
André RIOUX, Doctor
Denis SAVOIE, Chartered Appraiser
Pascale TREMBLAY, Acupuncturist

In 2014, the following professionals were honoured:
Yvon Bureau, Social Worker
Maxime Daoust, Medical Technologist
Sonia Gauvreau, Certified Respiratory Therapist
Jean Graton, Bailiff
Édith Guilbert, Physician
Mélanie Guillemette, Nursing Assistant
Serge Larivée, Psychoeducator
Suzanne Lucier, Guidance Counsellor
Linda Mateszswska-Arseneault, Radiodiagnosis – Medical Imaging Technologist
Stéphanie Mercier, Pharmacist
Jean Morin, Chartered Administrator

You can see the list of all the winners of the Mérite du CIQ in the archives section of the website.