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Terms of Use

The Conseil interprofessionnel du Québec (CIQ) pays particular attention to the content of this website to ensure its accuracy and keep the information up to date. Errors may nevertheless creep in. If visitors to the site spot an error, they can notify the CIQ by e-mail at communications@professions-quebec.org.

Security and confidentiality

This website employs generally recognized security measures to protect your privacy and prevent the transmission of viruses. The CIQ shall not be responsible, however, for the interception of data exchanged on this website, or the transmission of viruses or other harmful elements. Further, the CIQ is no way responsible for the security of hyperlinks contained in this site.

Rules of use

The CIQ owns and operates a website at www.professions-quebec.org. This site is accessible to all users. In navigating this site, you are agreeing to the following terms. If you do not accept these terms, please  do not visit this site.

The CIQ can change the content that follows simply by updating this Web page.

Limitation of liability

Responsibility for texts, opinions, and information expressed or made available on this website or in hyperlinks rests with their authors and not the CIQ. Information furnished on the site (content and hyperlinks) is for informational and educational purposes only and does not constitute a professional opinion or advice. Further, all information, documents, and images on the site are provided “as is.”

The CIQ provides no guarantee of uninterrupted access to the site, or to hyperlink content and e-mail links in the site. It reserves the right to modify the site without notice.

Personal information and privacy

The CIQ is committed to protecting personal information and privacy.  Tacit agreement (from participants in activities, senior management and staff of the CIQ) or a written release agreement (everyone else) has been obtained prior to publication for photos and videos posted on the site.

The CIQ may make use of copyright-free photos selected from photo banks on the Web. It may also use photographs taken from banks available on the Web for which it has paid the required royalty fee.

Send any question you may have regarding the authorization to use a photo or video clip to communications@professions-quebec.org.

The CIQ cannot, however, guarantee, and shall not be liable, in the event that photos and video clips shared by its partners or site users have not been the subject of such a release agreement.

Etiquette and moderation

The purpose of this website is to provide a forum for communication between site users and the Conseil interprofessionnel du Québec to provide answers to questions concerning the professional system and its different actors. Information that is published and exchanged here, however, must be of a general nature. Under no circumstances may it refer to a specific case that may be the subject of a complaint addressed to one of the 46 professional orders. This site shall not be used to communicate a complaint addressed to a specific professional order.

The CIQ applies, and encourages its partners and site users who wish to post comments to comply with the generally recognized rules and conventions regarding civil behaviour on the Web and social media.

To this end, the CIQ considers inappropriate any message or content expressing:

  • obscene or racist remarks
  • political or religious opinions
  • personal attacks and insults
  • defamatory remarks
  • plagiarized content or content that violates copyright or trademarks
  • material considered to be spam


In messages distributed on its site, the CIQ accepts the addition of hyperlinks as long as the contents relate to the topics being addressed. The CIQ is not, however, liable for the contents of these hyperlinks.

The CIQ reserves the right to remove posted messages and comments that do not comply with these rules of conduct.


The format and content of this site are protected by copyright and intellectual property laws of Québec, Canada, and other countries. All of the information and documents made accessible in this site are the exclusive property of the CIQ.

Users may reproduce material  for strictly personal use on the condition of mentioning its source and faithfully reproducing the text. However, those intending to reproduce materials for broadcast, by whatever means, must first make a request in writing to the CIQ, which, in the event of authorization, shall issue instructions that must be followed to this end.

It is strictly forbidden to use, sell, or modify, for public or commercial purposes, texts, images, or information contained, expressed, or made available in this website.


Transmission of users’ e-mails in the “Contact” section or elsewhere on the site is not secure. Be careful not to include any personal or confidential information.


Cookies are small text files that are saved on the hard disks of users’ computers. These files are completely harmless and cannot carry viruses. The CIQ uses Google Analytics to analyze visits to the website. This program uses cookies to record certain aspects of visitors’ behaviour, such as the number of times they visit the site, how they use the site, and the duration of their visits. In no case can a cookie be used to identify visitors to the site. Data is completely anonymous and used solely to improve the site based on visitors’ needs.

Updating your browser

Users should make sure their Web browsers are secure by regularly updating their operating system. The CIQ website supports the most recent versions of the most popular browsers.


This agreement is framed and interpreted in accordance with Québec legislation. Any disputes arising from this agreement shall be brought to the court of the judicial district of Montréal, where CIQ’s head offices are located.