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Candidates Trained Outside Québec

Candidates trained outside Québec may obtain recognition of their professional qualifications in order to practise their profession.

Candidates from other Canadian provinces

If a candidate possesses a permit to practise the profession that has been issued by a competent authority in another Canadian province, it may be possible to obtain immediate recognition of professional qualifications. These terms facilitate the issuance of a Québec permit. This is generally known as the “permit for permit” approach.

The websites of the professional orders provide useful information for candidates in this situation, which can usually be found by clicking a tab specifically addressed to them.

Candidates trained outside Canada

Candidates trained outside Canada who wish to obtain a permit but who do not hold a diploma recognized as valid for said permit can apply for an equivalence of their diploma or training.

It is not necessary to be a permanent resident or Canadian citizen to obtain a permit, but candidates have to satisfy legal requirements respecting sufficient knowledge of the French language. According to the Québec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms, a professional order may not refuse to issue a permit on the grounds of race, skin colour, sex, religion, or national, cultural or social background.

The website of the Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Diversité et de l’Inclusion du Québec offers French-, English-, and Spanish-language information and resources for individuals wishing to immigrate to Québec. The site also provides a brief presentation on the professions regulated by the professional orders.

Commissioner of complaints concerning the recognition of professional competence

The Commissioner of complaints concerning the recognition of professional competence of the Office des professions du Québec receives and examines complaints from anyone who is dissatisfied with the way a professional order handles an application for admission involving a mechanism for recognizing professional competence.

Anyone attempting to obtain a permit to practise from a professional order who is dissatisfied with how their application has been handled by the order may lodge a complaint free of charge with the Commissioner. It is not necessary to be in the process of immigrating or obtaining temporary work paper to lodge a complaint.