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Entry on the Roll of the Order

Once the permit has been issued, holders must be entered on the roll of the order to be entitled to use a professional title, and in certain cases, practise reserved activities. To this end, individuals generally must :

  • complete the form issued by the order
  • pay dues and other fees
  • furnish security against professional liability, where applicable
  • satisfy the other prescribed conditions (disciplinary or judicial file, medical examination, etc.)


Dues and other fees

Dues and other fees vary from one professional order to another. Dues for entry on the roll of the order are payable annually.

Admission deadlines

In addition to the order’s regular application deadlines, candidates must take into account the availability and duration of any required courses or apprenticeships, the frequency of examinations given by the order and the Office québécois de la langue française and deadlines associated with any other administrative procedures.

Liability insurance

Professionals are obliged to furnish a security for their liability in case of errors or omissions committed in the practice of their profession. Contact the order in question for information about the requirements, conditions, and terms of the guarantee to be furnished.