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Office des professions du Québec

The Office des professions du Québec is a governmental agency whose mandate is to ensure that each professional order fulfills its function of protecting the public. It also serves as an advisory body to the government.

The Office primarily exercises a function of control and supervision. For example, it monitors the operation of mechanisms for evaluating professionals’ competence and ethics and the finances of professional orders.

The Office ensures that each order adopts the regulations required of it under the Professional Code. It can also suggest changes to such regulations, and, should the order’s board of directors fail to adopt them within the established time limit, it can recommend that the government adopt the proposed amendments. The Office may also pass regulations establishing specific rules and standards by which all professional orders must abide.

The Office names to the board of all 46 professional orders directors to represent the public who are chosen from a list drawn up by the Office in consultation with the Conseil interprofessionnel du Québec and different socioeconomic groups. The Office may also consult the order in question before appointing a director to its board.

The Office des professions has investigative powers that it may use in specific circumstances with the prior authorization of the Minister responsible for the application of professional legislation. This would be the case, for example, if a professional order failed to fulfill the obligations imposed by professional legislation and regulations.

The Office advises the government regarding professional legislation and regulations, the constitution of professional orders and the adaptation of rules and standards respecting the professional system. The Office also plays a public information role.