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Québec Interprofessional Council

Founded in 1965, the Québec Interprofessional Council is the association of professional orders recognized in 1973 under the Professional Code, which conferred it with the mandate of advisory body to the government.

Membership in the CIQ is obligatory for every professional order constituted under the Professional Code. All of the 46 professional orders are represented at the CIQ by their president or a delegate named by the order’s board of directors. The chair and six directors of the CIQ are elected by the general meeting of members to sit on the Executive Committee.

The mission of the Québec Interprofessional Council is to serve as the collective voice of the orders on issues of common concern and act as an advisory body to the government. As an association of professional orders, the CIQ is dedicated to the promotion and defence of the professional system based on the values uniting the orders and the public interest.

The CIQ also provides information to the media and the general public concerning the professional system and its added value for the population of Québec.